Week# 5- Studies

Happy Sabbath, Friends!

I hear many people expressing things like, “This pandemic is really starting to mess with me.”

Or, “I’m starting to believe the propaganda theories people are posting.”

Or, “I’m not sure I can take much more of this.”

We had the news on this week and they were showing endless lines of people waiting for a box of food from the food banks.They showed images of natural disasters happening.

I would love to write a powerful message about “when this is all over, we will thank the Lord for the lessons we learned”. Or I could share tools that would be an encouragement to you and your family right now.

But, sometimes we don’t need a pep-talk. We need a voice who gets real about the walk.

We don’t always need someone who gives advice or teaches a lesson.

Much rather, we need those who are willing to sit and listen.

A wise friend once said, “The depth of our influence is determined by how well we listen.”

The most influential people in my life are those who are willing to hear me out even when we both know neither of us have any answers.

Silent fellowship. Prayer. A listening ear.

A smile. A nod. Shared tears.

In most cases, words are optional.

Today, I don’t have many words. But I can pray for Strength in the Lord for you, myself, and whoever you want to share it with.

May the Lord inhabit your praises.

May His peace cover all your pieces.

And may He become more and more beautiful to you as you seek His glorious face.

Blandine Charles

Reading for this week:

1 King chapters 16:19-34, Chapter 17 & chapter 18

videos to watch:







https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=122&v=TziGBOzi7iY&feature=emb_logo   (for craft)


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