Week# 3- Studies

Hello Friends,

These past  few weeks, as our family adjusted to distance-learning ,we have met a few moments every day that were a bit rocky.

I’m not going to make it sound like we are the family who has it all together.

Tensions can run high. Misunderstandings happen. Personalities clash.

Laughter bellows. Forgiveness is requested. There’s that one who sings in the shower.

Dishes get broken. The toilet gets clogged. Doorknobs fall off.

you know… all the normal things a family experiences.

All the while there is the underlying concern of the unknown.

Quarantine is not easy for anyone. Seeing confirmed cases of Covid-19 rising in our town, county and country is concerning.

As Christ followers we trust the Lord to take care of us both now and long-term.

However, truth be told… we can’t ignore the situations our communities are facing.

Our pastor asked this question last week, and I pass it on to you:

What are you learning about yourself during this time? (take some time to reflect on that)

What is something the Lord may want to teach you during this time?

A thought I have almost daily is, “I don’t want to come out of this time wishing I had drawn closer to the Lord.”

As much as this is a scary time, this can also be a sacred time.

As much as this is an uncertain time, this can also become a time of unprecedented personal spiritual growth.

As alarming as this time may be, let’s not pass through this time ignoring the silent knock on our hearts; that gentle persistent alarm to let the Lord enter.

So friend, I pray this prayer for you, for myself, and our families:

A Prayer for Drawing Near to the Lord

Father God, I long to live in Your presence more and more. Your courts are where I long to abide. In Your dwelling place I desire to be hidden in Your love. Draw my heart near You, Lord. Entice me with the riches found only when I seek You.
Let me find You, Father. Do not let me grow weary of petitioning You for Your nearness. You promise that those who search for You will find You (Deuteronomy 4:29). You will not leave the hungry ones unsatisfied or the thirsty ones unquenched. Give me a new desire for Your nearness; a new fire for Your presence.
Lord, open my ability to see You in my everyday life. Teach me how near, tender and specific You are. Show me that You are present and interacting in the smallest of moments. Speak directly to my heart in ways I can understand. Your truth will put me on a straight path and Your grace will make the way to You easy. I accept Your invitation to bring my tired and weary self to You where You make my burdens light and give me rest for my soul (Matthew 11:28-30).
Care for me tenderly, Lord. I look to You and seek Your face (Psalm 105:4). I resist the devil in Jesus’ name. All powers of hell and darkness must now flee from me for I turn to Jesus and stand victorious in Him.
Lord, I seek You with all my heart and all my soul, and I find You just as You promise. I wash my hands of pride, hesitation and doubt, and I run to You. I cast aside worldly attitudes for a new mind in You. I refuse to be worldly-wise because I seek Your abundant life, Your love, Your heavenly wisdom and glorious power.
I choose You Lord, above all things and people. The reward I seek is Your presence. My recompense is Your dwelling place; my prize in You eternal. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Seek Him family. He is very near.

Blandine Charles

Documents week 3 (Parables of the talents)

Read Matthew 25:14-30

Youtube Videos/Movies to watch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3YukxdrxPo  (Youth)




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