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[Please note that these are not “Adventist” resources, and thus commentaries and notes may not agree with an Adventist understanding of biblical truth.]

  • Search Bible Gateway, Nave’sTopical Bible, and Ellen White writings
    Research all from a single page on our site.
  • Bible Gateway – Search by keyword, or search for Bible passages. Here you can also compare different Bible versions by keeping two or three parallel versions on your screen. This is helpful for researching which Bible version to buy if you want a new Bible for either devotional reading and/or study.
  • Blue Letter Bible A very handy reference, with the Bible text plus concordances, lexicons, dictionaries and commentaries all available from one page.
    We recommend only the Bible/Dictionary Search (including Bible versions) at the top of the main page, not the rest of the links, since other resources will promote teachings with which we disagree. When you type in a key word, the site will bring up all the texts in the Bible where that word is used. You will also see superscript numbers linked to the meaning of the original words. Clicking on any of these links  will bring up a window with the original Hebrew or Greek word and its meanings, according to Strong’s Concordance, plus how many times it occurs in the Bible and the different ways it is translated. Farther down the page, you will see “Concordance Results,” which will show you all the texts that use that particular Greek or Hebrew word. This is much more helpful than the lexicon entry alone and much faster than attempting to do the same lookup in a hard-copy lexicon.
  • Blue Letter Bible Mobile minimalistic site with same resources as the main site. The “Concordance” will allow you to research the meaning of the words in original languages. This even includes the TSK (Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge.)
  • Bible Hub – lots of Bible translations and study tools all in one place in many languages of the world.
  • World Wide Study Bible Online study Bible with commentaries, encyclopedias, sermons and notes. Main Bible text is New Revised Standard Version (1989).
  • The History of the English Bible is a series of article by Daniel B. Wallace. Find out why Dr. Wallace wrote, “Frankly, it is my conviction that every Christian should own a copy of the King James Bible. It may not be the most accurate, but it is the most elegant. And you only deny your own rich literary and religious heritage if you do not own and read a King James Bible” in Part II: The Reign of the King James (The Era of Elegance). To understand the philosophy behind various kinds of translations, it is helpful to read “Part III: From the KJV to the RV (from Elegance to Accuracy).” Definitely worth reading is “Part IV: Why So Many Versions?” Also see his NET, NIV, ESV: A Brief Historical Comparison a  comparison of several modern versions of the Bible.
  • The NET (New English Translation) Bible – intends to be a clear, accurate, and powerful translation. And the notes include scholarly insights and discussions that have up till now been accessible only to those trained in the biblical languages. (Also available on the “Bible” app for Android, including notes.) And if you like to hold a real Bible in your hands, you can also get it in various formats on, including leather binding, as well as in Kindle format.
  • Bible in a Year
    – Have you ever read your Bible all the way through? It’s easier than you think by reading an average of 3 1/4 chapters a day. And now you can do it online. Check out our daily reading plan.
  • What the Bible Says About – Online search page based on Nave’s Topical Bible
  • King James Version AudioBible read by Alexander Scourby
    We can often hear things in Scourby’s readings that we don’t see in our own reading. For listening, the King James version, with its poetic rhythms, is incomparable. This version also includes the text on your screen. And here’s the Version for the Visually Impaired
  • United Bible Societies – Find a local Bible society here if you want to find a Bible in your language.
  • American Bible Society – world-wide translation, publication and distribution of Bibles.
  • Search Bible translations, commentaries, and dictionaries all in one site. (Commentaries will disagree with distinctive Adventist teachings.

Mobile Apps

Android Market

  • MySword for Android” a free app which includes the KJV, completely indexed to Strong’s numbers in the Strong’s Hebrew & Greek lexicons. You can click on the hyperlinked words to see the Strong’s lexicon entry. If you will pick the full Strong lexicon, rather than Lite, this app provides the same functionality as the Blue Letter Bible referenced above. (The same functionality is provided in the And Bible app. Take your pick)
    Additionally, we recommend the TSK, or Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge” in the MySword app, because it provides extended cross references to biblical texts (more than available in even the most expensive printed Bibles).
    As Johan Steyn points out in a comment below, MySword also has a lot of other downloadable modules, including a (hidden under the Journals tab) a Bible atlas and commentaries (which we do not specifically recommend), historic Christian books, and Bible dictionaries.
    If you can have only one Bible App, this would probably be the best one to choose, although it doesn’t look quite as “pretty” as the “Bible” by
  • Bible” by The app is free and comes in many different languages.  Many Bible versions are free. Some require a small fee to download. You can download different versions of the Bible and go from one version to the other without losing your place. You can also highlight and take notes. Some Bible versions include free high-quality audio. The Search function does not work as well as on the KJV Bible by Tecarta (below).
  • I like the And Bible App (for Android) because it is simple and provides easy access to favorite reference tools: The TSK (Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge) provides “center references” on steroids. I currently also have the Barnes and Luther commentaries, as well as Strong’s Concordance, each available through the tap of a finger, not to mention many Bible versions.
  • The “Blackberry Bible App” is the same Bible app by
  • KJV Bible” by Tecarta Inc. is free and has an excellent search function. But Tecarta also offers several other Bible versions for a small price. I like the clean interface and fast loading, as opposed to the app, which tends to be slow – maybe because I have too many versions installed. The Tecarta versions also have better navigation: You can just swipe from one chapter to the next. “The Bible” from, by contrast, makes you go back and pick a book, a chapter, and a verse. (Annoying!)

IPad/ iPhone Apps

[Let us know if you find good apps for the iPad. We are more familiar with Android apps. Apple makes it difficult to search their app store without actually having an iPad or iPod. You can try searching for the same apps as are available on the Android Market. Sometimes you luck out.]

  • Bible” by Audio versions are available on iTunes

Bible Studies Online

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Bible Prophecy Truth


Christian Classics

  • Christian Classics ElectronicLibrary Classic Christian books in electronic format –enough good reading material to last a lifetime, if you give each work the time it deserves
  • In His Steps the classic by Charles M. Sheldon, available for reading on this site. An imaginary account of what would happen if we really took seriously the idea of living just as Jesus would live in our culture.
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