Seitan veggie meat recipe

Any vegetable of choice for broth
Soy sauce
4 cups Vital wheat Gluten flour
1 cup King Arthur all purpose flour
Spice to marinate
Deep pot for boiling

Meat Directions
In a deep bowl add all cups of flours (4 cups Vital wheat Gluten and 1 cup all purpose). Pour in 5 cups of water to flour mixture and knead until it resemble meat texture.

Broth direction
In a large pot add 3/4 gallon of water. Add in all vegetables of choice (ex: carrot, celery, tomato, cabbage, green pepper, scallion, spinach and so on) with a pinch of salt, and let boil. Cut veggie meat into 5 to 6 pieces. Once broth is boiling, add in your dry veggie meat flour to cook and cover. 15 minutes into cooking time add your soy sauce. Let cook for another 20 more minutes or until done in the center. Remove from vegetable broth and allow to cool.

Meat preparation
Once completely cool, cut into smaller pieces. Add your blended prepared spices with 1 egg to give meatier flavor. Cook as desire, fried or in sauce. Enjoy!

Can be stored in the fridge in a plastic container for future cooking, and may also be stored in freezer for longer life span.

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