Fish Steak Recipe

Sister Rutz’s Fish Steak Recipe

1/2 lb of fish (salmon or snaper) not small fish, cut in steak shape but not too thin.
Goya sin achiote
Scotch bonnet pepper
Tomato paste (can be omitted)

Wash and deep clean fish with lemon. Rest fish for a while with lemon and salt (as if you are salting it). In the meanwhile, add spices, onion, and tomato to frying pan to brown. Rinse fish and dry the fish well. Push spices in pan to side. Add your fish to cook. Place a small amount of hot water to the side. Put spice on top of fish to prevent burning in the pan. Turn fish over to the other side for cooking. Add hot water and remaining ingredients to fish, hot scotch bonnet pepper, garlic, goya sin achiote and cover. You can add tomato paste if desire. Let simmer a bit. Add onion at the end. Enjoy!

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